Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Folks...this girl is prissy, thoughtful and fun.  She loves with ALL her heart and feels everything with deep emotion.  Her sweet giggle is infectious.  She loves lip smackers, finger nail polish, purses, and SHOES.  She is creative, silly, and can keep up with the boys.  She LOVES her Daddy, her Mama, her brother and sister, and Bunny Bunny.  When she draws our family picture she still includes our beloved black lab, Jeb, who passed away over 3 years ago.  She is sweet, compassionate and sentimental.  EVERYTHING is a keepsake whether it be a sticker from the Doctor or a ribbon for excellent behavior.  We need a storage unit for all her "special" things. 
I am constantly amazed by her independence.  When she sets her mind to something, she does it (good or bad). She can be so focused on something that nothing else in the world matters.....

Carefully making each mark just so...

I love the biting of the lip.  I do that too.

Completed work.

Fantastic job, Hayley Bug.

I love you so!

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  1. I bet that means one of her love languages is gifts. Have you read that book, the one for kids? It is GREAT. PS - that girl can write better than me.


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