Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm A Little Spoiled finally happened.  Our 7 year old computer bit the dust.  I was trying to upload some new pictures for a blog post and it died.  I called Chris to report the news, and he says, "Why don't I leave work early and go and get a new one."  Really??  I mean, we knew this day was coming.  So we have been talking about getting a computer for about a year.  We finally figured we would hold out until we moved and then  make the purchase.  But......when the old one died and I thought about 4 months of undocumented life here in the Steele house, I began to panic about how LONG it would take me to catch up after the move, unpacking, putting away, starting homeschooling.  AHHHHH!  Yea, in reality the blog would probably lose about half of this year.  Since I don't scrapbook, this blog is how I record our life and then print it into a book.

Fast forward a few days and Ta DA!  I am sitting in front of our new computer trying to pull all the old pictures and whatnot off of the dead computer, and load them onto this fast and WORKING computer. 

So, back to my sweet husband....He rocks. And I am so spoiled.  Ridiculous.

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