Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And So It Begins..

A new school year.  I have to admit it felt a little strange getting up and not have to head out to the bus or hop in the car to get to carpool line.  After I got over the strangeness, I was actually so excited.  We all ate breakfast, took care of morning chores, read our devotional and headed downstairs to begin 2nd grade, 1st grade, and tot school.

My big 2nd grader

My precious 1st grader

My almost 2 year old

I wanted to get pictures outside, but the rain forced us in.

To say we had an awesome day is an understatement!  Having Hannah at school with us is definitely "interesting"  but I am coming up with little activities she can do with us when she is not having play time. 
We did history, geography, spelling, Bible, Working with Words. writing, reading, and math.  It only took us about 4 hours total.  I cannot even count the amount of smiles, hugs, and "I love homeschooling" that I received today.  I know that everyday will have it's ups and down, but today was an incredible first day.  Hope you all had great first days of school as well.

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