Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Crisp Fall Air

So my last post was about the earthquake.  Then we had a hurricane/tropical storm blow through here that Saturday.  I think God was showing us all the awesome things He can do :)  He got my attention that is for sure.

My sis and mom were here for the Hurricane party because Holly is moving to NYC for 9 months to work on a project for KPMG.  Very exciting.  Even more exciting that 3 tickets on Amtrak to NYC would only cost us $121!  I am thinking about when I want to take Luke and Hayley to see Holly.  Chris volunteered to stay behind with Hannah Beth.  I don't think she is quite ready for the big city and I know her good ol boy Daddy isn't.  I don't know if I will ever convince him he should go.  He would do it for me, but I know he is much happier in the mountains, woods, or by a lake somewhere. 

We had so much fun that Saturday just hanging out, cooking, eating, painting toes and fingers, playing board games, watching movies.  Everyone has decided to come back for Thanksgiving and I can't wait. 

I have been knee deep in planning for the beginning of school the past few weeks.  I wanted to cry when the phonics program I had ordered for H was not exactly what wanted for her.  I pulled out all my resource books from teaching and basically built my own program.  The lesson plans are all written and I am so ready to go. The kids are too.

One of the things I love most about this area is the 4 distinct seasons.  This past week we have been feeling Fall just about to roll in.  All these pictures are from one evening after dinner.  The air was cool and no one complained from being too hot.  We stayed outside until way past bedtime just running and playing and talking and sitting!
 I love these little faces.  Can't believe how big they are getting.  I know I know.... I say it all the time.  I am so glad to have them with me all the time this year so that I can savor this growing up thing and watch them learn and bloom with my own two eyes.

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