Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

What a fun, busy, last official weekend of summer!  We had cheer leading practice (oh my, the cuteness), football practice, a birthday party to go to, and last minute school items to get.  On Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a trip to Lunga Reservoir on base.  The weather forecast says rain, rain, and more rain for this week, so we thought we would seize the moment and enjoy the sunshine while we could.  We packed up a picnic dinner, and headed out for the evening.  It was HOT but no one really seemed to mind.  We ate and played on the playground for a while...

After a while, we decided to head down to the water to throw a line in.  I sound like a am a real fisherman, don't I?
Hayley enjoyed hopping on the rocks.  She is such a curious little thing.  I wonder what she is thinking in the shot.

Hannah threw about  137 rocks into the water.  Some actually made it into the water. 

Chris took L and H to the dock to fish for a while. 

We piled into the car hot, sweaty, sandy, and muddy....but everyone had a smile on their face.  Perfect ending to a great summer.

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  1. Mary, i love the fishing photos. Good luck on your home schooling venture. love, bibi


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