Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, September 16, 2011

There's Some Learning Going On...

After finishing the first two weeks of school, I can honestly say that I am exhausted but I am having an absolute blast.  We have a routine down each morning and a basic schedule that we follow, although we do have to change things up a bit due to one very feisty 22 month old.

One thing is for sure...she wants to be at school too!  For about 5 minute intervals she wants to be with us and then she moves on.  I am learning to have lots of tricks up my sleeve and offer many options of "school" for her to join us. 

She does like to color.  For about 47 seconds.

Then she will move on to more challenging activities such as counter climbing.
She must be ready for P.E. Or she just really wants my lemonade.

I am learning very quickly that school at home is not like having a classroom at school.  Life happens here and will continue to happen during our school time.  So I am learning to be flexible and change it up quickly when we need too.  So far, it is working out great and I have to say that my pupils come to school everyday with huge smiles and eagerness to listen and learn. 
And why wouldn't they? 

We make models of reptiles and mammals.

We work on Word Families

We read.  And read. 

We make pictographs.

We do math.

We check our spelling and ABC order.

We make wheat fields and maps.

I do believe that we ALL might be learning.

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