Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

USMC Ball at the Disneyland Hotel

When I found out that the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was going to be held at the Disneyland Hotel, I was beyond excited.  I'm a little bit of a Disney fanatic.  Our "family" away from home, Kelly and Mike and their crew had the kiddos over for a sleepover and Chris and I were off for the evening.
The hotel was so great.  Because we were V.I.P. they had someone from the hotel walk us to our room and check us in.  We had an amazing view of the pool and one of the hotel towers.

Here we are ready to head to dinner. I just love to see my man in his Blues.  So handsome.   Did I mention we had to sit at the head table yes, the table in the front of the ballroom of over 1,200 Marines and their dates.  Gulp.  And I had to sit by myself during the ceremony because Chris was head of the program. Double gulp. 

We were able to walk through Downtown Disney the next morning and have a nice breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe.  I felt a tad guilty enjoying Disney with out the kids, but I loved the time that I was able to spend with just Chris. 
We did spot the Lego Store and took this picture for Luke, our resident Lego Maniac!!!

When we came in from the ball we found this plate and note waiting for us.  Disney just knows how to do things right!

Our headboard was this awesome carving of Sleeping Beauty's castle.  When you turned out the lights, the headboard had lights that looked like fireworks in it and it played music.  Loved it!

Can't wait to take the kids VERY soon!!!!

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