Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

Time for Trick or Treating again this year.  First up is the pumpkin carving.  I had all three kiddos draw the face that they wanted carved in the pumpkin and then I went to town.  Please do not laugh at my carving abilities.  They are a little weak, but the kids seemed please with the final result.

This year we had a Tim Tebow, Felicity-the American Girl, and Cinderella

Luke read Tebow's autobiography this past summer and LOVED IT!  So he knew exactly who he wanted to be when it was time to decide.  Thanks to Aunt Holly for coming through and finding a Tebow shirt in NYC for him.

Hannah chose Cinderella the day of Halloween.  Since she changed her mind every other day (cheerleader, ladybug, superhero...), I just let her pick an outfit from our dress up box and voila!  A princess!

Hayley's beautiful dress is one passed down to her from her cousins.  Their grandmother made this dress for them a few years ago and Hayley could not WAIT to dress up as her doll, Felicity.  I though she looked so precious.

Our motley crew

Chris made it home just in time to take them out to trick or treat.  Being back with an infantry battalion has been tough getting used to again for everyone.  Gone are the days of being home for dinner and free time on the weekends. We are back to unbelievable long hours, working most weekends, and on call 24hours a day.  Yikes.  Gotta love those 2 am phone calls.
  I was so happy that he was able to be home this night.  The next morning he left to go the field for 10 days.  Just a little "warm up" for us on what is to come with the work-ups and then actual deployment.

Enjoying the spoils...

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