Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

One BRAVE Nine Year Old

Hayley is at such a fun age.  She is my little creative spirit and she took to party planning for her 9th birthday.  She chose the theme BRAVE, from the Disney movie.  So we held a Highland Games of sorts.  There were two clans, The O'Sheas and the MacDonalds.  Both teams competed in some activities and finished up with a scavenger hunt for gold.  So so fun.  We loved having 10 giggling girls in our house for the afternoon.  
Hayley also came up with the idea for her birthday cake, so she took to making it all on her own.  She made two bear claws just like the bears from the movie.  
Luke, the incredible big brother that he is, helped her bake.  And little sister got in on the fun too.

Chris and Luke hard at work setting up the maze and archery range for Hayley's party. 

Chris giving instructions for the games.  

Luke played the part of Mickey O'Shanessy.  He hid in the woods and came out when called to give the girls 3 riddles to solve.  He is such a good sport and played his roll very well.  Irish accent and all!

My beautiful, inside and out, birthday girl.  We love you Hayley Anne.  

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