Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Forest and More

We decided to extend our vacation by another week once we left Lake Tahoe.  The 5 of us drove south to camp in the Sequoia National Forest.  There are so many things I love about being a Marine Corps family.   The fact that we get to live in so many cool places and see things we would never see other wise are just some of the HUGE blessings it has brought our family.  
On our way, we stopped at the cutest little restaurant that had been a school house at one time.  

This little spot was literally in the middle of nowhere.  The food was fantastic and the history there was awesome.  The front of the restaurant has all the class photos of those who had gone to school here.  We ate dinner in what had once been the gymnasium.  

The drive up into the mountains wasn't too shabby.  

We stayed in a camping cabin that was just perfect.  Other than the fact that we had a friendly raccoon that wanted to stay with us too!!!  Oh, and warnings about bears everywhere we looked.  Yikes.  
  It was very hot during the day, but cooled off into the 40s at night.  Every night as we snuggled up in out beds, Chris would tell story after story until all the kids were asleep.  I will forever cherish those moments in my heart.  Such a sweet time together with my family.  

The Sequoia trees were absolutely magnificent!  Some of them had a diameter of 40 feet.  

Walking through a tree that had fallen over many, many years ago.

Taking a break in the shade.  It was sooooo HOT!

After our stay in the national forest, we headed down to Simi Valley to see the Reagan Library again.  Chris didn't get to go with us the first time, and we knew he would love it.  
Fun swim in the pool after a long day in the car.

Looks good on both of them.

Hannah and I with Air Force One

Such a beautiful sight for our ride home.  I feel so very blessed to be able to call SoCal our home for this time in our lives.   

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