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Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm 10 Months Old!


This girl has been busy over the past month. So Miss Hannah Beth, what are you up to now?
*You are crawling everywhere and into everything. Your favorite places to crawl are place you are not allowed aka the fireplace and the big kids playroom with 5,000 tiny Legos, Littlest Pet Shops, and Polly Pockets all over the floor. This tiny toy challenge is new to us because the older kiddos were at toddler ages about the same time. You have become very fast in the past few days, therefore Mommy has been shopping for baby gates. You love to push up to a "plank" and hold it for several seconds. Only 10 months old and already a master at pilates.
We have two teeth and 6 MORE coming in at once! Teething tablets and get have become our new best friend. So glad that they bring you some relief.
Over the past week, you have started clapping when we clap. It is the cutest thing. You also started signing "All Done" when you are finished eating. We are working on several signs that I know you will pick up quickly and it will be a huge help in telling Mommy and Daddy what you want.
You are still loving baby food. Still don't care for peas, but who can blame you! We have given you fruit puffs, yogurt melts, little bits of cheese, and yo baby yogurt. You love all of them. The sippy cup is coming along but all you like to do is take a sip and let the water run out of your mouth all over your shirt. Makes for fun clean up.
You are such a happy baby and flash the biggest grin to folks. You still look to Mommy first if it is someone unfamiliar to make sure that they are ok before you will smile. You love to cuddle and be rocked in your rocking chair while I sing to you. I love when you lie on my shoulder and just hug. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

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