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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Recap

I am still under piles of laundry, Christmas ornaments, a dirty bathroom (I did clean two of them), a tree, dirty dishes, a massive toy clean out.... but I had to take a minute to sit and write about our wonderful Christmas break.

We were able to spend the holidays in Georgia with our families and what a blessing it was. Yes, it was a little chaotic at times, and I wasn't sure our car would be able to pull the goodies packed from floor to ceiling as well as the busting at the seams turtle top, but we all can say we had an absolute blast. We spend the first part of the 10 days in Fayetteville with my in-laws. We ate, played with cousins, ate, played with new toys, ate, played with friends, ate, and then ate some more. We also slept a little too. We went to church Christmas Eve to the church where my brother in law and sister in-law attend. Not your traditional service which was really fun. Rock and roll and dancing too. Luke told us he wants to move to GA just so he can go to that church. He said the music blew his socks off. Ha!

Santa came to see us and brought with him some mighty fine loot. Here are some of my favorites from Christmas morning.

This is actually from Christmas Eve before we went to the Rock n Roll church!

Hannah enjoying her milk and her new puppy, Violet, from Santa.

Luke in his new robe and slippers from Santa. He was very excited about his Lego Airport.

Hayley and her AG horse, Abigial, and doll Suzyanne who is dressed in her new riding outfit.

Attempt at a picture with all 3!

On the Sunday after Christmas, my sister and I threw a baby shower for our soon to be niece, Delany, and of course the soon to be Mama and Daddy, my brother and our sis in-law, Ansley. We were not sure the shower was going to go as planned due to snow and ice (yes, folks, snow and ice in GA!), but all went off with out a hitch. We just can't wait to meet Miss Delany!
Ansley and Philip

Some of the fun things Ansley and Philip received at the shower

The last 4 days we spent with my parents, sister, brother, and sister in-law. We headed up to Northern GA to stay in a house at Big Canoe, a resort in the mountains. We had to delay the trip by a day due to, again, snow and ice, but we settled in and had such a good time being together once we got there on Tuesday. The kids got a FEW (term I use loosely) more presents, we ate some more, played on my new iPad, ate some more, and just visited with each other. Thursday morning the guys and Hayley went out on a fishing trip. They rented a boat and spent the afternoon trying to catch some trout. The gals went to the outlet malls and did a little shopping because I didn't think I had enough to pack into our van already. HA!
For those of you who have a Wii, I feel the new must have game is the Michael Jackson Experience. You get to select a song of choice and dance with Michael himself (in hologram form). You can dance by yourself or with the help of backup dancers in the room. After we put the kids to bed the last night at the cabin (as the kids call it), the "grown ups" danced until we were out of breath and laughing so hard at our awesome dance moves we couldn't stand it anymore. Sadly, I was out of breath after one dance to Thriller.
Arriving at the "cabin", Aunt Holly spoiled us good with some fun gifts.

Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are your way to a great 2011!

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  1. They are so Big. I would love to plant a big kiss on Hannah Beth's sweet cheeks!

    Issa and Mae are upstairs asleep.

    What is more fun than little ones? love you, debbie


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