Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, January 17, 2011

In and Outside the Box

One of the greatest joys (and frustrations) in life right now, is watching each individual personality bloom in our children. I am learning so much about myself and at times it is very convicting. I am having to let go of "control", which for this type A Mama is a refining process. Don't get me wrong, I have not gone hands off in parenting. Oh no, my friends. There is still instruction and discipline in this house. But as God is shaping and molding our children, I am constantly learning what my roll is in His plan for them. I am having to guide and direct, but let them be who they have been created to be. I am having to let them stumble and learn to pick themselves up and dust themselves off. God did not make them to be my image, but He made them in His image for a specific purpose in this world.

The big kids (as we call Luke and Hayley), have had chores around the house since they were about 2. Each year, we add a few more responsibilities to their lists as they learn about taking their part in helping out. One of the very first chores they have had to complete each morning has been making their beds. When they first began this chore, I used to go in and "fix" each bed to my liking. But as time passed, I began to learn that bed making was a way for them to express themselves. Instead of pink hair, pierced "whatevers", and torn jeans, they were showing me who they are by simply arranging their beds just so. So I began to love watching their "creations" each morning, getting a glimpse into who they are becoming.

Luke's bed:
Each morning, Luke spends about 15 minutes getting his bed just so. He is very particular about how the sheets should lay. He loves each pillow placed in the exact same spot. He doesn't like to come down stairs until his bed is made the way he likes it. My "inside the box" thinker (as long as the box is nice and neat).

Hayley's bed:

Hayley is very "creative" when it comes to making her bed. Rarely does her bed look the same two mornings in a row. There is usually a theme when making her bed such as horses, dolls, Barbies.....etc. She likes to come down stairs and eat her breakfast before heading back up to make her bed. It has taken great restraint on my part not to "fix" her bed to the way I like it. My "outside the box" thinker (making sure there are plenty of stickers and ribbons in her box).

As for Hannah Beth, she usually just throws all her pacifiers on the floor and pushes her blankets to the corners of her crib. I look forward to seeing her bed making skills soon.

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  1. I love this! I used (and sometimes still do) to go behind mine and fix their beds. But, I was told awhile back that fixing them just tells them that I don't think they did a hood enough job. So.......I am trying to stop!


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