Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Luke

Oh, this sweet boy of mine... I used to hold up size 18 month clothes when he was a newborn and think, "My word, he will NEVER be this long."  Well, he did eventually fill out his 18 month clothes just fine and now his size 7 jeans are starting to be a little short. 

When I asked Luke what he wanted to do on his day off from school, he told me that he would like to go and read to his sister's class.  He picked out the Jan Brett book " The Three Snow Bears" because he remembered that Mrs. Wallen (his K teacher, now Hayley's K teacher) had said that she loved Jan Brett's books.

He sat up in front of the class and read the story to a captive audience like a pro.  He reads with such expression and excitement that he makes the story come to life for all who listen.

Over the past month we have faced some challenges with this thing called "growing up".   He has such a sensitive heart, feels everything with deep emotion,  and sees things in black and white which can be a huge blessing and a curse.  We have had many talks, many privileges taken away, but then earned back (thank goodness).  He has shown me in big ways that he is getting "it". 

 One thing is for sure, he keeps this family laughing.  He loves to joke around and be silly.  He also loves a good dance party.  How blessed I am to be his Mama.

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