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Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, May 20, 2011

18 Months (and 10 days)

It has happened.  We have crossed the threshold from babyhood to toddler hood in a blink.  Hannah Beth turned 18 months going on 3 years a little over a week ago and she is every bit of a toddler.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  Busy running, busy playing, busy dumping toys out, busy climbing stairs, busy exploring, busy getting into cabinets, busy reading, busy getting into brother and sisters things, busy coloring, busy throwing fits, busy chasing JJ our neighbor's cat, busy hugging, busy giving kisses, busy talking....just plain BUSY!

So what are you up to with all this busyness going on....  You're teething BIG time.  You have 8 teeth and are working on 6 more, all at the same time!  So you are crabby and who could blame you really.  Your gums look like they have mountains growing on them.  You constantly have a rash around your mouth from all the drool.  You are still sleeping pretty well through all of it, but there are times that I have to go in and give you some Motrin at night to help.  I pray they all pop through real soon.  PLEASE! 

You are still eating very well.  You are completely on table food and starting to try and eat with a spoon.  You love Mexican (you are so my child).  The spicier, the better.  I love this picture of your bananas.  You love to separate your foods and as you place them in the cup holder you say, "There you go." over and over.  I think it is your new way of telling me you are done eating.  You are saying so many things.  "There you go" is a favorite.  You are constantly bringing me toys or books and handing them to me saying "there you go".  You love to place chase and will come up to anyone willing to play and say "I gon get you" meaning you want them to chase you!  Cute!! 

You are 33 1/2 inches long, weigh 26.6 pounds, and wearing a size 2T.  You love animals and know many of your animal sounds.  You can tell us what the cow, cat, dog, pig, sheep and horse say.  You love naming all the parts of your face.  I love that you are talking so much.  You do get frustrated and throw a fit if something gets taken from you.  One of your favorite things to do is shred tissue and paper.  Not my favorite thing, but hey, it helps build those fine motor skills (Ha!)

Most of my pictures of you are you in a highchair or running from me.  Pretty much the only way I can capture you these days.  I love that you will be playing contently and then get up to come find me.  You will call "Mama" and then come and give me a hug and want me to pick you up to get a kiss.  I could play that game all day, every day!

Love you my 1 and a half baby girl! 

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