Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

8 More Weeks...

... and our time here in Chesapeake will be over.  Every move (this is #6)  is difficult and exciting, but I have to say I think this is going to be the most difficult move yet.  Our 3 years here have been a little surreal.  Chris has been in a non-deploying job.  Luke and Hayley have gone from preschooler and toddler to school aged kids.  We welcomed our sweet Hannah Beth here.  But the kicker is the friends that have been made. 

In all our other duty stations, most of our friends have been military.  Actually all of our friends have been military.  So when we would pack up and move, our friends would be moving as well or they would have moved shortly before us.  That is not the case here.  Our friends call this area home.  VA is where they plan to stay and we will be leaving.  My heart breaks a little as I think about it. 

These 2 gals have been such wonderful friends to me. They are my neighbors and some of the greatest ladies I know. God has blessed me in each place we have moved with friends that I know will be life long. I cannot even begin to explain how much I will miss Renee and Sue.

Sue and I have done life together for the past 3 years. Her oldest and Luke are the best of friends. Her two little ones and Hayley don't know what to do without each other. I love Sue so much. I will miss our afternoons on the street, cups of coffee together, and her bubbly personality each day.

I have only known Renee for almost a year but I feel like it has been more like 10. She is amazingly creative and loves her family so very much. She is a fellow military wife and understands the moving and craziness of this life. I will miss her incredible ideas and motivation to get up and do, her sweet boys, and our "deep" thoughts conversations.

I live in denial daily that this move is happening. Yes, it is exciting to be moving, to think of a new home and friends that God is preparing for us. I just pray that our path will cross again with these friends. And I will cherish the past 3 years in my heart forever.


  1. ahhhhh....I am crying? And I'm the one that is supposed to get this right? well...a heart that loves will always feel pain...and I am so blessed to love you and to have you to love...and will hurt. DArn it?! But it is what has to be and now we have our friendship in another way...long phone conversations...e-mails...visits...many many visits!! We will continue together in this world...leaving LArkspur just leaving a are a friend in my HEART!! Forever! :) Love you lady!

  2. I can't comment yet....tears.... :(


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