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Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Reading Lists

One of my favorite things to do with my children is read.  We read ALOT.  Maybe it's the teacher in me.  I love a good book.  I wish I could say that I have more time to read my selections, but the majority of my time is spent reading to the kids or listening to them read to me (absolute favorite thing!).

So I have a feeling my reading list will look something like this:

The boy LOVES him some Magic Tree House.  The combination of action, fiction and non-fiction elements is perfect for a little man his age.  He devours these books.  When he gets a new one or checks one out from the library, he will be holed up in a quiet spot and read the entire thing.  And then read it again. And again. I love that he is such a book worm.

Hayley is into the early readers.  She is so excited that the words on the page are coming to life for her now.  She is gaining more and more confidence in her ability and it is a joy to watch.  She also loves for me to read chapter books to her at night.  Favorites right now:  The American Girl Series Books.  We have read all of the Felicity books, so we must move on to Kitt Kitridge, her new favorite.

Hannah is in love with:

Duck & Goose

Goodnight Moon

Now, if I can find some quiet time to read when I am not falling asleep after reading the first paragraph, here is what my list looks like:

I pulled out Toddlerwise so I could reacquaint myself with toddler tantrums and how to handle them (hypothetically, HA!).  I'm ashamed to say that I have been reading the Help since last August.  I am 3/4 finished and can't wait to see how it all ends.  I must finish before the movie comes out.

Two others I would like to read this summer are:
Don't Make Me Come Up There!: Quiet Moments for Busy Moms


One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

I have both of these books down loaded to my iPad, and hope to enjoy them some time soon. 

Chris's book list might include this:
Decision Points

(I want to read this one too)

and some type of military history.
So here's to the summer; and lots and lots of good reading!


  1. I laughed when I saw the book Don't Make me come up there! Kind of reminds me of "Don't the Driver Nervous!" remember that?

  2. one thousand gifts is the best i've read this year... so good!


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