Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

They Call Me Mama

One small word can melt my heart. Mama.  I dreamt of becoming a mommy like most little girls do.  I would play house and take care of my 3 to 6 babies, and believe it or not they were all quite well behaved (hehe).  I had a wonderful role model in my Mom, and wanted to be a Mom just like her one day. 

I know that many women have a "journey" on their way to motherhood and that many women are still praying and hoping for they day that they will become a mom.  My heart goes out to these women.  I pray for them often knowing first hand how difficult the wait can be.
My journey has had many ups and downs.  I still remember that first Mother's Day that my heart hurt so badly because I was so unsure about God's plans for Chris and I to have a child.  It seemed as if His plans might be a no for us, but He answered our prayers with a huge YES and I couldn't feel more blessed. 

I have had a fun week being Mama to these three.  I went to my first Mother's Day Tea at Luke's school.  They sang to us and each child read a little poem that they had written about his or her mother.

So sweet.  Love when I get to have one on one time with each kiddo.

Hayley made me a special card and planted some flowers for me. So, I have to include a funny little tid bit about her this week.  She was playing school while I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  It was story time for the class and here is what I overheard, " OK, class.  Today we are going to be talking about Mother's Day.  The title of our story is "Mothers Are the Smartest Girls in the World".  It is a fairytale."


Today was such a fun day.  Celebrating with my wonderful hubby and 3 little blessings.  Breakfast together, church, and out to lunch.  Showered with little gifts (a necklace from Chris, a fun bag from the girls, and an electric toothbrush from Luke).  So thankful that I get to call them mine.

And that they call me Mama.

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