Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Go Lions!

Luke is playing Upward Soccer this season for the first time.  We have played two other seasons of soccer, but this is our first with the Upward program.  I love the foundations of the program.  It teaches the actual game of soccer and how to play.  What it means to play defense and offense.  What it means to be offsides.  What a corner kick, goal kick, and a throw in means.  They really are learning the fundamentals of the game (ones I know well from 18+ years of going to watch my brother play the game).  I also love that they are being taught to be a good sport, to love the game and enjoy the game.  They have a Bible verse that they are to memorize each week that teaches them a what it means to be a competitor but to be humble.  Something that every 7 year old needs to be coached in I believe.

Praying before the beginning of the game. 

Getting in on the action!

Goal kick!

Line up at the end of the game

Luke is loving every minute of soccer.  I know his Uncle Philip and Aunt Ansley will be proud (he played for Presbyterian College and she played for the University of Florida).  Go Lions! Go!

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