Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Sorry, Folks! We're Closed. The Moose Out Front Should've Told Ya!"

We had a great time on our Spring Break adventure to Deep Creek, MD.  Besides the fact that the area, which is known for their ski resort and state parks by the dozen, was in between seasons and 95% of what we wanted to explore was closed.  Mountain coaster...closed.  Family fun center #1....closed.  Family fun center #2...closed.  Dog sledding (even with no snow)...closed.  OK.

     We did get the chance to stay in this great cabin right on Deep Creek lake.  The views were amazing.

Crossing the bridge over to the little town.

One of the only open signs we saw that day.  It was at the visitor center.  They told us about some hiking to a waterfall at Swallow Falls State Park.  Hooray!  Something is OPEN!

We stopped for lunch and found this cool pirate ship playground to play on.  Things were starting to look up.

Beginning the hike to the falls....

After the hike, we let Luke and Hayley take a swim in the hot tub on the deck at the cabin.  If you ask them, they will tell you this was their favorite part of the entire trip.  Chris stayed home with baby girl while I took Luke and Hayley to see the movie Hop! 
I adore little trips like this with our family.  Making such fun memories and just spending such great quality time together!  Can't wait for the next adventure.  Though I could do without the 4.5 hours of DC traffic we sat in on the way home.  Ugh!  I have never been more thankful for a DVD player in the van. 

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  1. Loved Luke and Hayley in the teele family made lemonade from lemons! Great trip (lovely decor)


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