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Chris's Change of Command

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is absolutely my favorite holiday.  It is not so much the decor, the egg hunts, the bunnies and chicks, the candy.  All of these things are fun and the children really enjoy them, but it is the message of Easter that I love so much. The fact that we serve a RISEN Saviour, One who took on the burden of our sin, died on the cross for us, and conquered death!  He loves us that much.  Easter's message is the most important message that anyone can ever hear.  I want my kids to know this Truth.  I want my family to know this Truth.  I want my friends to know this Truth.  Jesus is risen!!!! And because He took away our sin, we get to be with Him in heaven one day!  Hallelujah!

Hayley's class had their Easter party the Friday before Spring Break.  She looks so cute all decked out like a little bunny.

They had Easter pales for their baskets at the egg hunt.  Such a clever idea so we can use them at the beach this summer.

I put Hannah in this little smocked dress that was handed down to us by her cousins.  Their cousins have worn this dress, Hayley wore this dress, Hannah wore it last year as a gown, and this year she wore it as a short dress.  I love the little details on the collar.  Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

Party time was during nap time, therefore, the paci was a fixture so we didn't have any melt downs.

My view of Hannah Beth most days.  Running from me!

Hayley waiting her turn in the egg/spoon race.
Her dress is another one passed on to us by MC and K, her cousins!

Oh, how we love Mrs. Wallen.  Hayley's little smile (or silly face) says it all.  It was a great party!

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