Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If It Fits... You Need It!

The title of this post makes me giggle.  One of my dear friends from college and I used this saying when we were packing for a Spring Break trip one year.  We were on our way to go skiing in Colorado and thought we needed to pack everything we owned. 

15 years later......
Chris and Luke headed out to their very first camp out.  One of Luke's best buddies was celebrating his 8th birthday with a father/son camp out.  Apparently, this how much gear you need for about 18 hours in the woods (not including the Cozy Cars)....

I should have sent my camera with them, but in reality there would probably be few pictures even if I had sent it.  The boys were so excited Chris said that they ran around in the woods for hours.  It's a good thing they kept busy due to the temps dropping down to 36 degrees that night! 
Everyone had an absolute blast. 
Happy birthday to our friend, Alexander, and thanks for an awesome party that will NEVER be forgotten.

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