Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tour of the Cabin by Hayley

So I let our 5 and a half year old loose with the camera for some Spring Break fun and so she could sharpen her photography skills.  I give you:
A Cabin
by Hayley A. Steele

                       Here is Chris with his "I'm in deep thought" look. 

Hannah is trying to escape the photo shoot.  Notice the madness that is her hair!  Thus, why she may be trying to run from the camera.  A girl can't be caught without her hair done!

Luke was enjoying some "self time" as we call it around here.  Then Hayley busted in on his precious DS time, and WWIII almost began.  Thankfully, they signed a treaty and all was saved.

The lovely Patriotic room in the house that was Hannah Beth's room.  Again, quite lovely.  I do use the term lovely loosely.

The majestic border in the bathroom.

Hannah Beth still trying to run from the camera and photographer.

Self portrait

I tried a self portrait of both of us.  Not sure why I have a lazy eye.  Cute of Hayley, though.

The shag carpet that the kids loved!  I like the artistic approach in this shot.  Rug...foot....toes
What is she trying to say?

Hayley's "pet" birds, Chombella and Alex.  She really wants a pet and has resorted to pretending that metal birds are her pets.  It is a sad, sad life when Mommy and Daddy won't get a pet for you.

I believe Hannah Beth to be saying, " For the love, woman, my hair is a wreck.  NO PICTURES PLEASE!"

An shot of HB from the steps.  The hair really is MADNESS.

A lighthouse

And some beautiful fish and a lamp.  I have got to find where they got these fish. Oh, and the comfortor.  Amazing, I tell ya.

Picture of the great room from the loft

And there you have........The Cabin.

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