Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Attempt at a Father's Day Picture

So, I know it was a few weeks ago, but I had to share all the pictures I took attempting to get a photo of Chris and the kiddos.

Hayley was talking to me.  This pic is actually one of the best ones.

Take 2

Cut off Luke's head...oops.

I like this one too!  But two out of four not looking...

I like how Luke changes up the pose every so often. 

So sweet of Daddy with his girls

Hmmmm.  At least they are happy children.

HB spotted the alphabet poster with Elmo on the wall.  So for the next five + minutes we listened to, "ELMO! ELMO! ELMO!"

Where's Chris?  Kinda like where's Waldo?

Losing focus

Really wanting to get to the Elmo poster!

Not sure what is going on....someone is angry, two folks are laughing, and somebody else is blinking.


Happy Father's Day to the man (and Daddy to our kids) of my dreams!  I love you, Chris.

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  1. These kids crack me up, Mary. It takes me back to when you were little. They are precious! I want to see you when you get to Atlanta.


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