Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hayley and Hannah Beth have been enjoying the past few weeks of summer while they wait for big brother to finish up school (1 more day!!!!!  WooHoo!)
Hayley is loving that HB is getting to the age where she will play with her.  Hayley is actually more like a little Mama to her, but Hannah Beth loves it (most of the time). 

I love that they are a little over 4 years apart.  Hayley is so patient with her and will share anything of her own with Hannah.  We will see if the sharing trend continues when they are teens and Hannah is "borrowing" Hayley's clothes! 

Hayley decided to play school one morning and Hannah Beth was one of her many students.  Let's just say that HB needs to work on listening!  Hayley didn't mind that her little student was off task most of the class... 

because the majority of her class was SO well behaved!  Here they are at calendar time.

The music center

Seat work and arts and crafts

Hannah Beth was on her own program.  Her center was mostly the "pull out every toy in the playroom" center.  None the less, she was a happy girl.

A VERY happy girl!

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  1. Haley comes from a long line of fine teachers! I see Education 101 in her future.


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