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Chris's Change of Command

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hayley's 6th "Un"Birthday

We're moving.  In July.  Two of our three babies were born in July.  The two that have made some of their very best friends here in VA.  So.....we decided to celebrate the July birthdays in June so that they can invite some of their friends.  Hayley's "unbirthday" was Saturday at The Little Gym where she takes dance.  OH MY WORD!  Worth every penny!!!!  She and all her sweet friends had an absolute blast. Hayley really bonded with her K class this past year and all but two of her classmates were able to attend.  And boy, was she glad to see all of them again after a week without them.
And then there is Josh, Will, Madie Ann, Hamilton, and Alexander.  Hayley LOVES these neighbors.  They are more like brothers and sisters to her.  Hayley, Madie, and HB are the lone girls on this street of 16 plus boys, I kid you not.  They are the best of friends and don't remember life without each other.  Thanks to all who came and made this such a special day for Hayley.  She was the happiest girl in the world!

A battle between boys and girls.  They all loved this game!

I blinked and this girl will be 6 in less than 4 weeks.  Happy Birthday to our Hayley Bug!

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  1. don't you love how JOsh, Will and Hamilton...cornered her at the cake table!!!!?? ha ha ha...she had no chance...and neither did her classmates!! Claimin their lady!!! :) Such a fun day....thank you for the awesome party!! Happy Birthday hayley!!


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