Chris's Change of Command

Chris's Change of Command

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Monday, August 15, 2011

2nd Annual Romper Room Swim Bash

I love being able to get together with these gals that I have know for many many years.  Some from grade school and some from college.  This summer was the second year in a row that we were able to get together with our kiddos in tow.  Everyone came over to swim and catch up.  Love all these ladies so much. And their munchkins too!

Krista and HB

Suzy and her first born, Eilee

Ya-yas, Issa and Hayley

Eilee sneaking some Coke

Sweet Ansley

Mae's first ever jump off the diving board!

Tyler and the dead man's float

The big kid of the group!  Love him!

The baby of the group, my niece, Delany and Aunt Ansley

Conga line

Too precious.  She is such a beauty.

Delany thought the camera would be a good snack.

Happy Mr. Axel. 

Tyler and Mae

Eilee and Hayley


Issa, Ansley, and Axel

The whole gang (minus HB who was napping)

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