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Chris's Change of Command

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Friday, August 12, 2011

She's Fancy

No, not Nancy.  Or Princess Kate (although, she is so very fancy and beautiful and classy).  Love her!  No, to my sweet Hayley Anne, Aunt Holly is so very fancy.  She is always in some type of dress or high heels (something I rarely if ever wear).  She has the prettiest jewelry and of course lets Hayley play "dress up" in her closet.  Hayley aspires to be fancy like Aunt Holly.

We got to spend a few nights at Holly's while in GA.  She had so many fun things planned.

Like Kangazoom!  An all time favorite of the kids. 

Hannah was not thrilled to play in the toddler zone.  She took one look at what Luke and Hayley were doing, and she was looking for the quickest way out of this joint.

I think she was saying to someone, "I'll give you $100 if you let me outta here!"

Of course we celebrated L and H's bday's with some mighty fancy cakes.

Hayley with her Tinkerbell cake.

Luke with his Buzz cake

Even though Hannah's bday is not until November, we couldn't leave her out.  And she really REALLY loved her cake.

Hayley's outfit after playing in Aunt Holly's closet

Check out the shoes!

Holly took us down to her office and I'm sure that everyone in the office was thrilled to see us (ha!)  The kids did love seeing where she works and how cool her view is in her office.

After our office visit, we went around the corner to the Children's Museum "Imagine It!" 

Thanks for the fun visit, Aunt Holly!

In other news, Holly will be moving to NYC for a 6 to 9 month period of time at the end of August.  I see a train ride to the city in our near future.  I'm sure she will have found the fanciest places in the city for us to visit.

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  1. Mary, I loved seeing Holly, she is even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. And the picture of Haley in her clothes cracks me up! Tell Holly hi for me! bibi


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